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Demo Application Banner by richard19perez77

Commission work will be starting for Artists who are interested in sharing their work via Android. The best part of this is that ALL artwork yours STAYS yours! You can share your work for free and gain followers or link them back to here to sell prints, free with ads if you own the work and would like to try to earn at the least supply money, and paid application's (.99 cents). PayPal is required for security reasons for payment transactions. If your think your Art isn't good enough for this kind of thing its a great way to force yourself to work harder to make it better, its my sample art above and I do nothing but obsess now about getting supplies when I can and keep at it, it might do the same for you, put yourself out there, umm.. artistically!

Currently I have two templates of applications that can be customized in different ways.

    1. The interactive puzzle viewer, keeps the user engaged while enjoying your artwork.

    2. The art viewer photo book allows a creative artist to create a bio, or compact resume of sorts to showcase their work.

Please send me a note here on Deviant art to discuss in more detail how little it can take be to start reaching a wider audience.

Application Examples

Etsy Site

*** For ANY artists' I collaborated with on the RadicalAppwards project, you inspired me to make these applications in the first place and to continue to update and make them better, I will be more than glad to work with you for free of base charge (if you are planning to include ads or sell you must own the content or have a creative commons 3.0 license) this goes for artists I contacted but where unsure at first if they wanted in. ***


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United States

Graduated programming student at DePaul University 2013, Cubs Fan, Bud man, Blackhawk fanatic, student, android app developer, been to Tokyo (amazing!). Current games playing are Atelier Totori, Odin Sphere, Final Fantasy, WipeOutHD, and Persona series... of course lets not to forget the Trails in the Sky! If you come to my site ask me about collaborating with you to make an android app for your store or too create an art book or simply publish a collection to share.

myAndroid apps...…


"There's a monster in your chest. These guys hijacked your ship, and they sold your cryo tube to this...human, and he put an alien inside of you. It's a really nasty one, and in a few hours it's gonna burst its way through your ribcage, and you're gonna die. Any questions?"

- Ripley


FF8 Triple Triad Game (beta)…


Gradient 07 by richard19perez77
Gradient 07
Some time was taken to really try to work on hiding the four windows here i liked the gradients inside of it but otherwise to make it interesting the bottom gradients worked if they resembled something a bit more familiar. Adding more gradients and keeping it from being to chaotic is really tricky. Adding gradients for the sake of adding them never seems work.
Gradient 06 by richard19perez77
Gradient 06
It took me a little manipulation untill i thought this was interesting, but i still am uncertain of the center it seems too forced like i don't want the focus to move from it, despite the colors around it.
Gradient 04 by richard19perez77
Gradient 04
The shapes lack more gradient work but i liked this one for some reason as I worked on it. If the focus starts at the center and you start to see the entire image does it look in order, or is it too symmetrical or pointless?
Gradient 03 by richard19perez77
Gradient 03
I suppose i couldn't help but think of this one as a space scene but i really do try not to lean my abstract gradient work here to become planets or cosmic scenes but it does lend itself to it pretty easily. When i decided that this one would be  i though the less shapes the better. As i get better at gradients or get a Photoshop type program this is what i am content with.
Gradient 02 by richard19perez77
Gradient 02
This one really isn't supposed to be anything other than the color's i really enjoyed mixing and I really enjoyed viewing the translucent sort of effect of the bottom circle in front of the center circle gradient.

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